About Ballet-lates®

What is Ballet-lates®?

Ballet-lates® is a unique, trademarked method of moving that combines Pilates-guided exercises with real ballet steps. Each Ballet-lates® session combines 20 minutes of Pilates on the mat, 20 minutes standing at the barre and 15-20 minutes of simple exercises, inspired by or taken directly from a classical ballet, all set to classical music. Ballet-lates® combines the strength of Pilates with the elegance and style of ballet.

Who can do Ballet-lates®?

Ballet-lates® is suitable for clients of any age with a reasonable fitness level and a willingness to try a new form of movement. Ballet-lates® is ideal for clients looking to get strong gracefully through ballet’s elegant movements, without the repetitive wear and tear on the body that can come from other gym-like workouts.

What will I learn during the hour?

During the hour you will learn basic Pilates principles, such as engaging the core, and how to apply these Pilates principles while doing simple ballet stretches and steps. By the end of the class you will have warmed up all the muscles you need to perform a simple ballet series set to classical music. The tone of the class is light-hearted and fun for anyone who would like to learn to move with the elegance and grace of a ballet dancer.

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What our clients say

I did yoga for years and years, so I’m no newcomer to various forms of exercise and body work. Still, there was something so refreshing about coming to Christie’s Ballet-lates. I love how good I feel physically and mentally coming out of the sessions, I love the interaction with the others in the classes, and of course Christie and her teaching. Her knowledge of the body and how she turns the class into a place where you feel free to actually dance is unique: Not many people can create this comfortable place on a Saturday morning. As each session begins, I already look forward to the next Saturday morning session!

Jennie Guy visual artist and curator

Every part of you is exercised, really. You come away feeling exhilarated!

Patricia O’Leary Client

Every girl wants to feel like a ballerina – elegant, graceful and strong.  Ballet-lates gives us that experience.  It doesn’t matter that most of us have no background in dance, Christie makes us believe that we are all dancers, and we leave each class feeling nimble, graceful and lighter than air! Improved breathing, posture, and core conditioning are just some of the welcome side effects of our weekly excursions into the world of dance, and I for one, wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Lia Monahan Client

In order to become fit, toned, dance and leave a class with a smile on your face – you need to attend the Ballet-lates class. The combination is a match made in heaven – stretching, toning, strengthening, aerobic and all to music. Sandymount is so lucky to have such an innovative teacher with a background in classical ballet and Pilates and we, her students, are reaping the rewards.

Michele Keogan Client

This class has three things going for it: flexibility, fun and freedom. Every bit of me needs to remain flexible. Christie brings us the freedom of both ballet and Pilates moves that everyone can enjoy. Haven’t missed a class in five years.

Mary Drechsler Client, Tennis Player

Having never done ballet before, I find Ballet-lates to be a fun challenging workout that is good for the brain as well as the body.

Lesley Hughes Yoga Instructor

About us

Ballet-lates® is a unique form of movement, combining authentic ballet and Pilates exercises into a graceful way of carrying oneself in the studio and in life. Christie Taylor Seaver, its founder, completed her early ballet training with companies in the United States, going on to pursue a career in journalism as an arts editor and dance critic. She also trained as a Pilates instructor under John Gossett in Houston, Texas, and developed Ballet-lates as a way to stay connected to her ballet roots while living in Ireland, away from the choreographers she knows best.

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