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Ballet-lates® to people who have always wanted to dance

Discover and practice your creativity and grace


Ballet-lates® online encourages you to tap into your own sense of grace and creativity anytime, anywhere. Each week I create and deliver two new Ballet-lates® workouts designed for your schedule, no matter where you are in the world. Each recorded workout lasts approximately 20 minutes and builds on the one before it, progressing through six different themes each year. When you sign up to receive online content, these recordings can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7.

Online content includes a total of 8 new videos each month, unlimited access to the Ballet-lates® Video Dictionary and a weekly bonus class, pre-recorded and uploaded each week. 


Christie Seaver

Christie Seaver began dancing at the age of five and hasn’t stopped since. She trained in the US with Nanette Glushak and Michel Rahn at the Fort Worth School of Ballet, as well as under Anna-Marie Holmes at Boston Ballet School and with Margot Parsons in Boston.

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